Get to know Erin

We're super pumped to formally introduce our newest #teamnine member, Erin Cuff.

Like her Production Assistant predecessor, Erin studied metalsmithing at Sterling Quest in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico.  She's a total baddass, a jewelry aficionado, a total joy to be around and working on her own line of jewelry. We're thrilled to have her on the team!

1// What inspires you?

Back country roads, chance meetings, traveling, the mountains, the desert, the ocean, talks with my dad, the bay, Sixto Rodriguez, highway 1, storytelling and story hearing, cooking, Al Green, the old photo section of the San Pablo flea market, Mr. William T. King, walking, Mexico, window seats, plants, strong ladies, other artists, acts of love.

2// What is your favorite jewelry piece?
I have a teeny diamond band I wear that has been passed down to Erin-Elizabeth's in my family since the mid/late 1800's.  My grandmother, who was a gemologist by trade, gave it to me when I was 18 in front of the whole family at Christmas.  To paint you a picture I was in the uniform I had to wear at this 50's diner I worked at (Shout out Ruby's), stained with a strawberry milkshake I had spilled on myself and a customer not two hours before.  Needless to say at that point in my life I was clumsy as hell and had a habit of losing all the jewelry I bought from forever 21 (lol) so I half-jokingly told her I was going to keep it safe by storing it in my mom's jewelry box until I turned 30.  She told me that the safest place to keep it was on my finger.  Happy to say I am 26 and still wearing it every day.  I also have a turquoise ring that my moms first "boyfriend" gave her when she was 13 that I absolutely love.

3// Favorite Oakland spots for

Cocktails:  I have some great memories attached to the greyhounds at Cafe Van Kleef.

Beers:  My stoop

Burgers:  Missouri Lounge

Pizza:  Rotten City

Fancy-Shmancy Date Night:  Ramen Shop, Mua, and Village Sake up in Fairfax.

Music:  Oakland Secret, The Fox, and I've been to some great shows/DJ nights at The Golden Bull as of late.

Surprise us: "It's the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer."