Reusable Ring Sizing Tool
Reusable Ring Sizing Tool

Reusable Ring Sizing Tool




Getting the right fit is an important step in the ring purchasing process. We can help you get an accurate ring size right from home-- simply pay for the shipping ($5 flat) and get this complimentary ring sizing tool that you can keep and reuse.


Tips for getting your size

This tool measures full and half sizes, if you feel like you're in between sizes we can make your ring to a quarter size.

Rings fit variably throughout our day and life.

The aim is the majority of the time your ring feels comfortable-- not squeezing or falling off.

Rings should be fit to the base of your finger, not your knuckle. It may be tricky getting the ring on and off, but the focus should be on where the jewelry is actually worn.

Fingers naturally fluctuate with our activities, diet, mood and weather; you will not have a 100% perfect fit 100% of the time.

Fit also depends on your finger shape and the ring style.

Every person has their own preference for the feel of the ring. Some prefer a little wiggle room and enjoy rolling it around, others want it firmly in place. This is a personal preference we can help you define and then achieve. 

To ensure your fitting is correct, please consider choosing a time when you:

Have not exercised recently

Have no alcohol in your system (including from last night!)

Have not had an overly salty meal

Are not especially hot or cold for any reason



If you have any questions about fit, please reach out, we are happy to help you get the best fit possible.