Our Plan for 2021

The most commonly asked question we are getting from our clients is “will you be reopening soon to in-person service?” 


If you are in search of the perfect engagement ring or wedding band it feels pretty important to see everything in person and try things on. We know that you are also likely changing and adapting in so many other ways with your wedding celebration- this was not the dream you had in mind. We get it.

We know, also, that you get how difficult the circumstances are for small business right now- especially for those of us who have young babies and elderly people we are looking after. A lot has to be working and safe before we will feel comfortable opening up our services to people outside that bubble.

We’re watching the news, we’re hopeful, we’re looking forward to the day when we can be together again. Until then, we have made the deeply personal and strategic decision to continue to operate online-only.


What does online-only mean?

It means we are doing all our work remotely with our clients- with Virtual Consultations, personalized videos, and customized care. It is different, for sure, but dare we say- in some ways it is more intimate and satisfying. There is trust involved in a whole new - very human - way that we are so grateful for because it has brought us into closer alignment with folks who really share our values. 


How do Virtual Consultations work?

We start with an old-fashioned phone call that you can book here>. We will chat together about anything you want to know, explore, discuss, learn about during this half hour. We will take diligent and thorough notes, and then follow up with a completely personalized and password protected private video that covers everything you might want to see. Think of it as the equivalent of popping by the shop to try stuff on and learn how we do things, except it's recorded and you can watch it over and over.

From there, you may decide you need further consultation, renderings, videos, or you might feel prepared to start making choices. We can walk you though all the next steps. This is what we love: connecting folks to the perfect dream ring. Virtual try-ons are especially useful for folks who already have an engagement ring and are looking to mate it with a band- we can even coordinate to have your ring at our shop to shoot videos of it mated with different band styles.


How can I feel confident about buying something so big and important online?

We recommend that you book a consultation to get to know us personally, or check our our Client Testimonials - all from clients who worked with us in 2020 at a distance. 

We don't work on commission so there is never any pressure on our end, so take your time and enjoy this new experience. It should be fun, it should be joyful. 

We see ourselves as lifelong partners with our clients; we're here for the initial bespoke design as well as ongoing complimentary maintenance and cleanings for the life of the ring. We have spent the last decade growing alongside our clients- there for births, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, new homes, adoptions, promotions, and even the bereavements. We are here to mark those milestones with you.

We won't be the right place for everyone- use your own intuition to guide you on that question - but if you have any specific questions or needs, reach out because we love being of service, even to folks who end up purchasing elsewhere.

Thanks for considering us for this moment in your life- we wish you the very best in love and health.

Kate Ellen, Christina, and Alice