03 . 23 . 2021 Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We believe in taking good care- of self, of others, and the planet.

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03 . 23 . 2021 Sustainable design

Sustainable design

We’ve mastered sourcing the most ethical and sustainable raw materials, but we believe sustainability actually starts before the sourcing stage: it...

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02 . 20 . 2021 In-person visits now booking!

In-person visits now booking!

  It's been a full year since I sent my whole team home, unsure of the future, holding tightly to my newly born daughter, then only 8 weeks old.Li...

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11 . 17 . 2020 The art of a true size

The art of a true size

A perfect fit makes all the difference- when it comes to lovers, friends, professions, and your ring size. We actually consider comfortable-fit to ...

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11 . 5 . 2017 To Everything There is a Season

To Everything There is a Season

Transforming the space has been something I've been so eager to do for the last year. I want it to look how I feel now. Full. Light. Grateful. Love...

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