Established 2011

Our story

Founded by a goldsmith, Crown Nine is a place for jewelry-lovers and jewelry-makers to connect. We represent our own label of fine jewelry that we design and craft in our studio, and we curate jewelry from other independent artists, eyeing for expertly crafted pieces that have lasting beauty. 

Our vision is connect people with the wonder and beauty of the world.

Our founder | she/her

Kate Ellen, Goldsmith

Raised in the Redwood forests of the Bay Area, founder Kate Ellen grew up playing in creeks and roaming feral in the woods. Being wild and natural is still in her heart— today she is the intuitive leader of the Crown Nine team and sole-designer of both our Vow Collection and our label of fine jewelry.

Her education is in public health - she brings her unique background and experience to every level of the company, poising communal good at the heart of everything we do. She lives in Oakland with her two young daughters, husband, and dog Jim.

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Our studio

We design and craft all our designs in our atelier studio, using an array of ancient and modern techniques and tools to ensure the highest integrity and oversight of each design. Our studio is home to our beloved vintage hand-tool collection and our jewelry benches where we fabricate, wax-carve, mold, solder, saw, and expertly construct our Vow Collection and our label of fine jewelry.

Our boutique

The shop is about connection- to each other, to expression, meaning, art, and beauty. The humble little shop in the historic Old Oakland neighborhood was designed to be welcoming and relaxing- a place where people can come to explore and just enjoy a moment of peace. The boutique is open for in-person visits by appointment only.

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Meet our Team

Store Manager | she/her

Christina Bøhn Silva

Christina's been our boutique manager since 2013, running the daily operations of the store, taking care of clients, curating, and caring for all our artist jewelry.

In her words: I love the connection between jeweler and wearer. Jewelry is wearable art that has had one journey in its creation with the maker, another life with the wearer, and the potential for countless new adventures. It captures a particular moment in time- what our aesthetic is, what statement we're making, what we value, who we love and what we leave behind.

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Studio Manager | she/her

Alice Son 민정

Alice runs our upstairs jewelry studio, working side-by-side with Kate Ellen to craft each made-to-order design with exceptional fine detail. She studied at CCA and has years of experience with fabrication, stone setting, engraving and repair.

In her words: I love working in jewelry because it’s one of the most intimate art forms — the scale, audience, and relationship with the wearer can take on a life of its own and outlast beyond our lives. I’m still in awe of how malleable metal is. I'm inspired by all the old, new, and weird of life

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