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About Ethical and Sustainable Jewelry

 Proud members of Ethical Metalsmiths

             Illustration of jeweler Kate Ellen    

Our Philosophy

We do it with love and are dedicated to using only the finest materials from sources we believe in. To us that means minimizing impact on people and the planet. It's imperative that we lead the way in creating a new culture of slow and conscientious consumption. 

Our Process

We are committed to aiming for perfection in all our practices; though not possible 100% of the time it is the guiding light by which we make all our decisions. We believe in:
  • Limit new mining
  • Re-use materials
  • Minimize energy use and carbon footprints
  • Respect person-hood and human dignity
  • Support industry leaders in transforming policy
  • Use audited and trusted sourcing partners
  • Support craftspeople and historically important techniques
  • Give back to Oakland; we specifically contribute philanthropically to organizations dedicated to youth of color having access to arts and creative-trades education.

Our Product

Our diamonds are post consumer recycled antique diamonds dating back to the early 1800's to 1950's. Diamonds from this era have unique faceting standards called Old Mine Cut (sometimes referred to as 'Old Miner'), Old European Cut, and Transitional Cut. Their historical relevance and legacy of craft is unsurpassed only by their beauty.

Grading standards of our antique diamonds are identical to those of modern cut diamonds and come with GIA or EGL grading reports.

  • They are rare, unique and stunning, mating seamlessly with the aesthetic style of Kate Ellen's work
  • Contribute to no new mining projects (like Canadian diamonds)
  • Not energy intensive (like lab-created stones)
  • Not involved in conflict (many diamonds labeled 'conflict-free' under The Kimberly Process are in fact involved with layers of problematic sourcing and trade issues). 

      Our sapphire gemstones are fair-trade mined in the USA. We work with dealers who travel direct to mine sites to ensure environmental and human safety and only use stones that are cut by artisans in the USA, never overseas.

      Our metals are recycled whenever possible. We have zero waste in-studio practices and work to use metals from certified dealers of recycled or fair-trade mined metal.

      Our cutting and re-polishing is done by adult craftspeople with long legacies of high quality handwork.

      Audited sourcing partners are also important to us, that's why we prioritize partnering with companies that have been audited and approved by SCS Global Services, the leader in setting the standards of sustainability across an array of industries.


      We consider our clients indispensable partners in creating a conscious marketplace for sustainable and ethical jewelry.